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We are offering Bottom Discharge centrifuge which is developed with the latest technology to our client. Model is an universal Bottom Discharge centrifuge for all application of solid-liquid separation by filtration. Offered in a variety of materials of construction like-steels, coated-mild steels etc. They are manufactured with the best technology in the field and gives long trouble free operational life.These Bottom Discharge centrifuges are offered in various models and known as type of Centrifuge.

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Falgun Engineering Enterprise Is A Leading Brand And Manufacturing Variety And Type Of Centrifuge Machines. We Are One Of The Leading Suppliers Of Pusher Centrifuge To Number Of Multi- Effect-Evaporator Manufacturer As OEM. We Are Now Offering Bottom Discharge Vertical Basket Machines For Such Products, Which Cannot Be Operated On Pusher Centrifuge Because Of Either Very Fine Particle Size Or Non Free Flow Characteristics Of The Material. Even Then A Continuous Operation And Automation Is Requi... Read more