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We offer our clients Hydraulic centrifuge which are the heavy duty centrifuge with robust construction provide rapid acceleration and smooth running. The as per needs top discharge centrifuge is modified to detach and lift the top-capring of the basket along with filter bag, attached to it, the bottom opening of the filter bag allow the dried solids, to be discharge of solids is easy and fast.

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A Centrifuge Machine Is Normally Used For Separation Of Solid / Liquid Mass. A Pusher Centrifuge Has Several Advantages Over Normal Mechanical Centrifuge Machine, Which Can Be Stated As Follows.   Practically No Manpower Required For Operation And Is A Fully Automated Continuous Operation. High Production With Minimum Maintenance. More Energy Efficient And Reduce Operating Cost.   Very Effective Dewatering Of Coarse Crystalline Products At High Throughput Rate And Also The Quality ... Read more